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Titanium Cloud

Carrier Grade for Your Virtual Neworks

Titanium Cloud is the industry's only fully integrated, ultrareliable, and deployment-ready portfolio of virtualization software platforms, that enables service providers  to deploy virtualized services faster, at lower cost and with guaranteed uptime.

Key Benefits

When service uptime is critical for profitability, Titanium Cloud ensures virtualized services run when, where and how they need to by providing the:
  • Flexibility to scale your services up, down, in, and out—rapidly and efficiently, deploying new services dynamically, when and where they are needed
  • Performance to maximize the number of subscribers you support on each server, and minimize operating costs
  • Carrier grade reliability you need to keep your services up—always
Titanium Cloud is suited to a wide variety of virtualized network functions (VNFs), including:
  • Virtual EPC
  • Cloud-RAN
  • Appliances
  • Virtual packet inspection
  • Content delivery systems
  • Virtual gateways

Technical Features

Titanium Cloud includes the critical run-time components and lifecycle development tools, services, and developer support needed to successfully build and deploy a virtualized network running multiple VNs.
  • TL 9000 design methodology to guarantee six nines reliability
  • Full 10Gbps line rate accelerated virtual switching running unmodified guest applications
  • 10 µs deterministic interrupt latency to support virtualization in the most stringent customer-provided equipment (CPE) and access sections of the network
  • Accelerated live VM migration, including the “share nothing” model—40% faster than enterprise software
  • Detection of failed controllers, hosts, or VMs 60x faster than enterprise Linux; automatic recovery, with no single point of failure
  • Fully integrated telecom-grade security, including complete AAA access control
  • Involvement in trials with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and other standards bodies
Titanium Cloud is a complete, pre-integrated portfolio of virtualization software platforms:
  • Linux OS plus 700+ Carrier Grade patches
  • KVM with performance and reliability extensions
  • OpenStack
  • Carrier grade cloud management and telco middleware
  • Carrier grade accelerated vSwitch
  • Ceph storage