Advantech Remote Evaluation Service
Wind River Titanium Cloud
Confidential Demo for Wind River Only
This portal allows developers to test performance and functionality of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) running on the Wind River Titanium Cloud Portfolio. The portal is accessible through Advantech’s Remote Evaluation Service and can be used by telecom operators, integrators and partners to rapidly validate VNFs across a broad range of networking platforms.
The Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Test-Drive Portal helps developers address the main challenges in the virtualization of the network infrastructure by providing them with an easy-to-use remote lab to evaluate:
  • Performance: Benchmark VNFs early on to detect and remove performance bottlenecks that may hit at different levels of the virtual stack
  • Scalability: Validate scale-out and service chaining of VNFs ,and prepare for intensive workloads
  • Reliability: Test VNFs on carrier-grade platforms to assess overall system availability
Advantech and Wind River are active members of the NFV ecosystem and work together with partners through different industry initiatives to fuel NFV adoption and unlock new business opportunities for traditional and emerging players. This test drive portal is a simple yet powerful tool built on an open, integrated platform focused on accelerating transition to NFV.